Flowers of Hawaii
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Flowers of Hawaii

The Flowers of Hawaii truly dazzle you with all their shocking colors, subtle foliage and patterns and unusual combination of flower and foliage. You’ll come across a burst of floral arrangements and wonder what is that type of flower? Well let us help you decipher all the amazing flowers of Hawaii and the most typical flowers you’ll find all around the island.

Gorgeous Flowers of Hawaii

Gorgeous Flowers of Hawaii

Hibiscus flowers in Hawaii


You’ll always see hibiscus flowers in every hotel, botanical garden and home in Hawaii, even the state flower is of a native yellow hibiscus flower. A gorgeous but short-lived flower, they bloom all day long but don’t survive into the night to be covered up by other blooms from the same plant. There are so many colorful varieties of hibiscus and hybrids, but Hawaii claims to have 7 types that are endemic to the islands alone.

Hawaiian pikake


One of the favorite flowers and a signature flower for Princess Kapiolani, the pikake flower means peacock in Hawaiian. The pikake is part of the olive family and is typically called Arabian or Indian Jasmine. Used in lei, made into scented oils and perfumes, pikake has an intoxicating and irresistible fragrance that is sweet but not too overpowering.

Hawaiian Anthurium grown on the islands

Hawaiian Anthurium

Almost in every garden and floral arrangement you see in Oahu, anthuriums are vibrant, colorful and long lasting.  Brought to Hawaii starting in 1889 from hobbyist who helped created some dazzling hybrids and colorful combinations, the anthurium has a thriving flower display and created a new flower export from the islands. You’ll be dazzled with the hot pinks, reds and blended variations of colors to be so surreal and tropical inspired and surprisingly they are so easy to grow and almost carefree in every Hawaii garden.

Even though the most popular color and export is the red variation, there are so many unusual and colorful variations and variegated versions grown around the islands and sold at flower stands, farmers markets and stores for you to choose from.

Plumeria grown in Hawaii


The lovely scents of plumeria blossoms are typically found on many leis given as a sign of welcome and aloha on the islands. Slightly sweet and tropical scented the plumeria blooms are a staple ornamental plant in every landscape on the islands sending out gorgeous bouquet of blooms in shocking pinks, oranges, reds and every hot color you can imagine. Short lived, plumerias keep blooming in gorgeous waves of color that last most of the year until they go dormant during the winter season.

When you receive and then dispose of a lei in Hawaii, don’t just toss it into the ocean but local tradition has you return it back to the earth, hung on a tree or place of honor, burned or buried.

Hawaiian Gardenia

Hawaiian Gardenia

Although there a variety of gardenias that grow all around the island, the Hawaiian Gardenia or Na’u is very fragrant and a part of the coffee family. Once prevalent on all the islands, the Hawaiian gardenia is making a comeback to all the landscape gardens and sharing those wonderful intoxicating smells that reminds us of life on the islands.

Heliconia grown in Hawaii


Banana like giant leaves show off dazzling displays of heliconia blooms which come in every size, shape and color in the gardens, floral displays and commercial landscaping. Easy to grow and maintain, heliconia plants are almost self-cared but need occasional maintenance so they don’t dominate a landscape unless they grow wild areas which makes them even more impressive. The many different variations of flowers are perfect for floral displays and last a very long time as a cut flower.

Bird of Paradise in Hawaii

Bird of Paradise

Another popular landscape plant on the islands that is hardy and drought tolerant, the bird of paradise flower is robust, colorful and long lasting as a flower display.  Originating from South Africa, this bold colored plant and flower with orange and blue flowers are striking and almost sculptural in display and thrive so well in the dryer and coastal areas of each island. As a cut flower, the blooms have no scent but can last for over a week in a flower display.

Ginger flowers of Hawaii


The ginger plant and flower have an abundance of variations grown on all the islands and used for flower displays, perfumes and oils, shampoo and other personal grooming products and even used for eating. Ginger plants adapt well in Hawaiian soils and even become quite aggressive if not contained. But you’ll enjoy smell and seeing large swaths of them growing and blooming profusely in the wild areas of each island.

Protea flowers

One of the hardiest and oldest of plants in the planet and originating from South Africa, protea flowers are grown in the cooler and dryer parts of each island predominantly in Maui and on the Big Island where they thrive on poor and rocky soils. With diverse plants and blooms grown for commercial export, proteas make an impressive statement in any floral display or arrangement and last a very long time as a cut flower.

Ohia Lehua

Ohia Lehua

Of all the flower of legends in Hawaii, the flowers of the ohia tree called the lehua have so many chants, songs and hulas that talk about this gorgeous flower on the native Ohia trees and have been used in hair displays, leis and other personal adornment. Part of the myrtle family, the Ohia is an evergreen that is endemic to the islands and one that grows from fresh lava fields.

With the latest virus now attacking all the ohia trees on the islands, most of the blooms can only be seen in person and avoid any handling or spreading of the disease and not used for any personal adornments.



One of the biggest cash crop exports from the islands is orchids for both plants and flowers. Coming in so many different colors, shapes and textures, the tropical orchids from Hawaii dazzles and are used for leis, floral and even decorations. There are even scented orchid plants that give off chocolate and sweet smelling scents from their dazzling flowers.

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Conclusion to beautiful flowers of Hawaii

Conclusion to beautiful flowers of Hawaii

Hawaii has so many beautiful flowers to enjoy and see all over the islands, now that you’ve seen the main flowers here, do you have any favorites? Please do share this post with any of the social media buttons below and thanks again for visiting today.

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