Magic Island in Honolulu
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Visit to Magic Island in Honolulu

Magic Island is a very popular and family friendly park and beach venue located in the heart of Honolulu. Named Magic Island for a resort development planned in the peninsula area, this man-made area created with coral landfill in 1964 from reclaimed swamp area and was developed into a fantastic originally set aside for development into a resort complex which stalled at the finish of the crescent beach area. The project was stalled and was later converted into a public beach area for the public to enjoy in 1972. The state dedicated the new park area and renamed it from Magic Island to Aina Moana meaning “Land from the Sea”, although the place is still called Magic Island by locals. A part of the larger Ala Moana Beach Park, Magic Island is a wonderful and fun beach area especially made for children to enjoy the safe areas around the protected beach park.

Magic Island in Honolulu

Check out these gorgeous aerial views of Magic Island from above in this gorgeous video

Lagoon area of Magic Island

Fronting a beautiful crescent shaped beach at Magic Island, the lagoon area is protected from rough surf and a family friendly beach and water area that is small with sand and rocky bottom with rocky barriers that protect the beach area.

Lagoon area of Magic Island

Amenities at Magic Island

Located on the east end of Ala Moana Beach Park, the thirty-acre park is located between Waikiki and Magic island features large sea walls, a crescent shaped beach with protected rock barriers and a large grassy park area with shade trees, picnic tables and other facilities. There is no shade right on the beach area but there are grassy areas and shady trees along the grassy area from the sun. You’ll also find the following amenities in the beach area:

Walking promenade trail areas that lead the entire length of Ala Moana Beach Park

Bathroom facilities with showers

Benches and picnic tables with barbeque pits

Lifeguard stations

Parking areas

Amenities at Magic Island

Outdoor activities at Magic Island.

There’s a variety of outdoor activities you can enjoy at the beach park area from walking and biking the shoreline walk to doing some water activities in the lagoon and beach areas at Ala Moana Park. This includes fun activities like:

Surfing at Magic Island

Surfing is popular around two areas around Magic Sands area especially at Baby Haleiwa’s and Bamboras Break, check in with the lifeguard station for any current surfing conditions and other places for surf breaks along Ala Moana Beach Park.


You can swim in the lagoon area of Magic Island beach and also in the beach area of Ala Moana beach which is protected by the barrier reef area


There are jogging trails the entire length of Ala Moana Beach park to the peninsula area of Magic Island continuing to Waikiki


You can rent bikes at Ala Moana Beach Park at Biki Bikes for $3.50 to bike the entire beach area trails


Canoeing is popular at the beach area and also beyond the reef barriers with local canoe clubs doing their practice routines. You can also bring along your own water craft or rent some SUP boards or surf boards from local outfitters on the beach area.


A popular activity off the rocks or in the lagoon area, you can catch local yellowtail tuna, Dolphin Fish and Crevalle Jack.

Picnic and BBQ

All around the grassy areas are picnic tables and barbeque pits to use for any gatherings and cooking.

Enjoying sunset at Magic Island

A very key and popular spot to enjoy the end of day at Magic Island, you’ll love all the coastal views on both sides to Waikiki and down the Ala Moana coastline to the Aloha Tower area. Sunsets are quiet and more personal with plenty of space to find your own spot to enjoy the end of day here.

Other tips for visiting the beach area

Park hours are from 5am to 10pm daily. Parking at Magic Island is totally free

There is no overnight parking at Magic Island

For more information about Magic Island, weather and surf report here for more details.

How to get to Magic Island beach park

How to get to Magic Island beach park

You can take the bus or drive directly to the Magic Island parking lot directly across from the Ala Moana Shopping Center. By bus, take the 8 or 20 bus to Ala Moana Center and just walk across the main road to the park area.

Conclusion to visiting Magic Island

For a quiet and not so crowded beach day in Honolulu, consider visiting Ala Moana Beach Park and Magic Island to enjoy the calm and safe swimming areas around Magic Island.

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