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Thanks for visiting Oahu Travel Now – a website that features the best of Oahu lifestyle, adventure, food and exploring the entire island.

We hope to inspire you with cool places to explore, things to do and fun activities to do all around the island from popular attractions and destinations to more specialized features covering food discoveries, outdoor activities and fun adventure or cool places to visit around the island.

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Editor - Noel Morata with Oahu Travel Now

Editor – Noel Morata

Aloha – my name is Noel and I love everything about Hawaii and Oahu in general. Oahu is just that special place that combines city and urban lifestyle and things to do with more small town, gorgeous landscapes and outdoor activities that you can enjoy year round.

My background as a content creator, professional photographer and artist have all combined my talents to creating this website and utilizing all my experience to bring you useful information and great tips with nice visuals and hopefully a creative flow and outlook that will make you want to come back for more.

I’ll try to make the topics here informative, interesting and fun for you to enjoy and learn about what is special visiting Oahu and enjoying best of island life, even for just a brief getaway out here.

Along with the top attractions and must visit sites, I love to be outdoors and explore many adventure activities, also be inspired by urban pursuits from museums, to historic sites and here in Hawaii cultural and ancestral indigenous sites that have an impact to Oahu and the cross cultural mix of people that live here on the island.

If you have any questions or want to chat, send me a message on the contact information here.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your time in Oahu.