Ala Moana Beach Park (fun, calm ocean, shoreline trails, beaches)

Ala Moana Beach Park is the perfect beach area if you want to do something not so crowded like Waikiki beach but just as nice and with spectacular views.

Ala Moana also features a fantastic beach walk promenade that goes to Magic Island and the harbor area and also has three concession stands, a yacht club, tennis courts and grass areas with shady trees and picnic tables.

The beach area is very active with locals that use the beach regularly for daily walks, water sports, biking, jogging and all sorts of activities and there are many events that happen around the park grounds regularly.

With a nice shoreline trail that covers 2.6 miles perimeter area of the park to explore and exercise the area is scenic and flat trail.

Ala Moana Beach Park (fun, calm ocean, shoreline trails, beaches)

A little history on Ala Moana Beach Park

Originally a wetland area in the early 1920s filled with local grasses and plants, coconut trees, the city used this area also as a garbage dumping area before changing tack and creating the area as Moana Park in 1931.  With the Visit of President Roosevelt, the area gained more popularity as a park area and in 1947 was renamed “Ala Moana meaning path to the sea”

The area off the beach was originally dredge to be an entry point of the Ala Wai boat harbor area, the area beyond has a shallow reef system that protects the shore areas fronting the beach.  

The area of Magic Island was a man-made peninsula built in 1964 with the dredging of the channel area and was originally designated for a resort area which fell through and the state converted the entire area into a public park in 1972 and named it Aina Moana or “Land from the sea”

Today Ala Moana Beach Park comprises of over 76 acres of beach front park lands that is open for the public to enjoy.

A little history on Ala Moana Beach Park

Things to do around Ala Moana Beach Park

With a host of different outdoor and water activities you can do in the park area, Ala Moana is a popular beach park with plenty of spaces to either throw a towel on the beach, hike the shoreline trail or do some exercise or enjoy some fun water activity in the beach area.

Things to do around Ala Moana Beach Park

Swimming and Snorkeling at Ala Moana

The beach area has mostly calm waters around Ala Moana Beach and Magic Island making this a very family friendly spot to swim and snorkel around.

Water sports in the area

With relatively calm ocean waters in the area, this makes it easy and fun to do some water activities from SUP boarding, Kayaking, surfing at the close by breaks and even snorkeling fun on the water.

Surf Breaks

Some of the most popular surf breaks in Honolulu are located here at Ala Moana with Big Rights, Big Lefts, Baby Hale’iwa, Courts and Concessions all found offshore on the edge of the shallow reef areas

Enjoy the sunset views

The sunsets seem more pleasant here without the crowds from Waikiki and relatively easy parking at this time of day. Sunsets generally change locations with the seasonality on the islands so you’ll get sunset from different angles at different times on the beach.

Watch the Friday Fireworks series

Ala Moana is the perfect spot to watch the Friday fireworks from the Hilton Hawaiian Village which is very close by. With easy parking spots and nice beach areas to spread around, you can find a grassy spot or beach area to enjoy the firework shows every Friday night.


Amenities at Ala Moana Beach Park

Amenities at Ala Moana Beach Park

Free parking areas                                         Tennis Courts

Food concession stands                               Surfing outbreak areas

Restrooms and shower facilities                Shoreline trails

Lifeguard stations                                          Kid friendly beaches

McCoy Pavilion events                                  Gorgeous Sunset spot

Grassy areas                                                    Shady pavilion areas

Volleyball courts

Things to do close to Ala Moana Beach

Things to do close to Ala Moana Beach

Shopping Ala Moana Shopping Center

A quick walk across from the park is the large outdoor shopping mall that is an exciting shopping, dining and entertainment venue in the area. The hub for shopping in Honolulu, Ala Moana covers all the grounds for fantastic shopping, dining, hang out spots and entertainment all in one area.

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Ala Wai boat harbor

The harbor area is fun to explore with some bars, restaurants and water tour outfitters located here for your Waikiki coastline tours.

Kaka’ako district
Exploring the Kaka’ako district of Honolulu

Kaka’ako district

A short walk takes you to the trendy urban area of Kaka’ako where the street art, craft breweries and cool hang out spots at Salt makes this the hip and fun new hang out spot to explore in the Honolulu Area.

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Historic Downtown district
HIstoric downtown Honolulu in Oahu, attractions, monuments and historic buildings

Historic Downtown district

The historic downtown district of Honolulu hosts the most important cultural and historic sites of the city to explore. With the compact area around the historic district, you can easily visit Iolani Palace, the State building, King Kamehameka statue and the Federal building, The historic missionary homes and Kawaiaha’o Church close by.

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Explore Magic Island

Next door to Ala Moana Beach park is Magic Island, a man made peninsula with a beach lagoon area that is family friendly. You can take the waterfront trail from Ala Wai Harbor all the way around Magic Island and to Ala Moana beach park area.

Check out the details to visiting Magic Island here for more information and images.

More details to visiting Ala Moana Beach Park

More details to visiting Ala Moana Beach Park

Parking in the main two parking areas are self serve and free

The park is closed from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m

You can check current conditions to visiting Ala Moana Park below

Ala Moana Beach | Hawaii Beach Safety

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Ala Moana Beach Park
Ala Moana Beach Park

Conclusion on Ala Moana Beach Park

Conclusion on Ala Moana Beach Park

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