Visit to Manoa Falls

Visit to Manoa Falls – easy, fun and lush jungle and majestic falls

If you are looking for a fun and easy hike to visit just a short drive from downtown Honolulu or Waikiki then head out to Manoa Falls. Less than a 10-minute drive uphill in the Manoa neighborhood, the falls from the top to the pool around 150 feet and a nice experience just outside of the urban jungle of Honolulu.

You can easily drive to the parking area of Manoa Falls or even take an Uber ride to the trailhead (approx. Cost of ride $30 each way)

Visit to Manoa Falls - easy, fun and lush jungle and majestic falls

Manoa Falls FAQ

How long is the hike to Manoa Falls?

It takes between 1 to 2 hours roundtrip to visit Manoa Falls depending on stops and conditions on the trail and how muddy it is.

Is Manoa Falls an easy hike to do?

Manoa Falls is considered an easy hike and is popular with locals to hike and run to and back

Are you allowed to swim at Manoa Falls?

The falls has a very small pool area that is filled with slippery rocks and typically has the potential for Leptospirosis so it is off limits for visits to swim in

Details to the Manoa Falls hike

The hiking through the Manoa Falls hike is less than 1.7 mile out and back with an elevation gain of 633 feet and is open year-round. On a dirt road and muddy trail and passing through lush rainforest area, the trail gets very muddy after a flush of rain in the area. Take your time especially in wet, slippery and muddy parts of the trail to the waterfall area.

Check out these photos of the surrounding areas and landscapes at Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls FAQ

Dirt and graveled paths and stairs leading to Manoa Falls

Directions to Manoa Falls

Views of Manoa falls framed by jungle views in the distance

Views of Manoa falls framed by jungle views

Final thoughts to visiting Manoa Falls

For an easy and fun tour of a falls that is a close drive from Honolulu, Manoa Falls is very popular and a good visit to these falls and the lush natural landscape in the area. The weather here is always changing with trail conditions that change so be prepared for that and wear appropriate shoes and clothing to visiting.

Check any weather updates here before you head out to doing the hike to Manoa Falls.

Directions to Manoa Falls

Directions to Manoa Falls

From Honolulu or Waikiki take McCully street and turn right into Kapi’olani Boulevard. From there, turn left on University avenue and follow it into O’ahu Avenue.  At the main intersection, make a left of Manoa Road.

Pass through Waakauau street and you can find parking for free on the residential area and about .4miles to the trailhead.

You can also continue on to the parking on the right side of Manoa and there is a $5 parking fee. Continue up the road uphill to a fork with the Manoa Falls trailhead to the right side.

Tips for visiting the waterfalls area

Tips for visiting the waterfalls area

Wear sturdy shoes, it can be slippery and muddy so good traction is key.

Bring bug repellent – it is humid and wet with lots of jungle area that is a haven for mosquitos and bugs so always have the bug spray ready

Definitely will get muddy so bring shoes that are easy to wash off.

Pack what you take in and leave no trace.

Places to visit around the area

Visit the Lyon Arboretum nearby and you can make this a nicer trip to explore more of the local flora and identification in this mature botanical garden in the area.

Nu’uanu Pali Lookout point

Nu’uanu Pali Lookout point

A historic place that was one of the major battles where the first King of Hawaii, Kamehameha the Great won this battle and forced O’ahu’s men to jump to their death from the pali. The views from the observation point are really spectacular with views to all of the eastern coastline of Oahu

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Ala Moana Beach park and Magic Island

Ala Moana Beach park and Magic Island

After a fun jungle hike to Manoa Falls, a beach day at Ala Moana beach and Magic Island is a must and still away from the crowded beaches of Waikiki. You’ll love the protected beach lagoons with a soft sandy bottom and the long stretch of protected beach area. Both beach areas are family friendly and kid safe to enjoy the beautiful parks and nice views of the coastline and Waikiki to Diamond Head

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Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach

If you are looking for a more neighborhood and local beach that is also one of the most beautiful beach in Oahu, Lanikai hits all the right spots to visiting. Gorgeous aqua colored water and clear, soft sandy beach and outdoor fun and adventures, you can even kayak all the way to the Mokes in the distance.

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Conclusion of a visit to Manoa Falls

Conclusion of a visit to Manoa Falls

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