Visiting Waimanalo (Beach, coastline, oudoor adventure)

Locals in the area call Waimanalo “Sherwood” for the oh so soft sandy beach and these giant ironwood trees that offer wonderful shade from the sand and hot afternoon sands on the east side of the islands.  One of the gorgeous sandy beaches on the east side offers a nice slow and relaxed lifestyle and visiting Waimanalo offers just that with over 5 miles of this expansive beach area to enjoy a beach day on the island.

Visiting Waimanalo (Beach, coastline, oudoor adventure)

Where is Waimanalo located?

Waimanalo is located on the windward side of the island located in between Lanikai and Maku’u Point. To get to Waimanalo, you can drive from Honolulu taking the Scenic route on Hwy 1 on the southwest through Maku’u Point or drive the Pali Hwy 61 and merging into Hwy 72 into Waimanalo area.

Both drives to Waimanalo are easy routes but taking the scenic route on Hwy 1 is more beautiful and an a slower pace and you’ll really enjoy the drive all the way to Waimanalo beach area.

A little history on Waimanalo

A little history on Waimanalo

One of the first areas of Polynesian exploration and settlement in Oahu, Waimanalo is translated in Hawaiian as “Potable Water” for all the brackish water in the area.

In ancient times, this area was used for agriculture and irrigation in the area where this was a fertile and growing area all the way from the Ko’olau range down to the ocean. The early settlements of Hawaiians used to grow staple plants like Taro, sweet potato and other canoe plants. These canoe plants brought by the early settlers that lived in the area grew very well in this environment.

The area around Waimanalo was a favorite getaway of the ali’i chiefs and royal family visiting the Cummings estate which was the one of earliest sugar plantation farms established on Oahu in 1879.

Later Waimanalo created some small industries like plant nurseries and the main tourist attractions to the area include: Makapu’u Point and lighthouse, Sea Life Park, Makapu’u beach and Waimanalo beach.

Interesting trivia – popular Hawaiian focused TV shows like Bay Watch and Magnum PI were shot on the beach area along with other commercials and other movies.

Weather conditions at Waimanalo

Located on the eastern or windward side of Oahu, the weather at Waimanalo beach is mostly calm and quiet in the morning.

The weather and surf in the afternoons along the coastline are breezy and cooler with the waves kicking up a bit and breaking closer to the shoreline.

The weather and climate in the region is typical from morning to afternoon time frame unless there is a weather front coming into the area with daily averages in the mid 80s during the summer time and excellent air quality of trade winds that blow into the area.

For updated weather when you visit the Waimanalo area, check out this website here for details and other updates.

Top things to do around Waimanalo beach and surrounding area

Top things to do around Waimanalo beach and surrounding area

If you plan on spending a beach day in Waimanalo, here’s some fun things to do in the area.

Do some outdoor water sports

With calm waters in the area, don’t forget to bring your SUP boards, boogie boards, kayaks or snorkel equipment to enjoy some time in the water with all your play toys.

Stroll the Beach

If you love to stroll on the beach then you have over 3 miles of powdery white sandy beach to enjoy a moment of solitude or with company as you can beach comb for quite aways on this gorgeous beach.

Stroll the Beach

Enjoy a nice picnic or snooze under those Ironwood trees

The trees on the fringe of the beach area make a nice shady respite from the hot sun and you can find a space to spread out, have a nice picnic or even enjoy a nice snooze on the beach.

Enjoy a nice picnic or snooze under those Ironwood trees at Waimanalo

Go fishing

Lots of locals love to just cast a line and hope for some local fish to snag their lines and bring back some dinner.

Close by at Maku'u beach

Close by at Makapu’u beach

Maku’u beach close by is a better spot for surfing and even snorkeling if you want more wave action in the area. It’s a gorgeous beach area, rugged with beautiful views of the lava rock hill of Makapu’u Point and the majestic mountains to one side.

Check out the details to visiting Makapu’u beach here for more information and images.

Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail

Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail

One of the most popular hikes to do in Oahu that is marked a beginner trail with paved roads and slight incline all the way to the observation area with views to the lighthouse and eastern coastline to enjoy from here.

There are some tidepool areas you can also hike to but that is a little bit more challenging to climb down to the pools and blow hole.

Check out visiting Makapu’u lighthouse trail here for more information and images.

Enjoy sunrise on the beach at Waimanalo

A great way to start the morning here with a nice wide sandy beach to enjoy the sunrise or take an even nicer long stroll on the beach early morning.

Enjoy sunrise on the beach at Waimanalo

Other places to explore around Waimanalo area

Other places to explore around Waimanalo area

Check out Kaiona Beach

Kaiona Beach is fantastic and family friendly with a nice beach area that is protected with a rocky barrier and making it easy to swim and relax in. The small 4 acre park is just to the south of Waimanalo Bay and is a perfect combination of sandy beach and aqua waters, calm crystal clear water. Amenities includes restrooms, shower and picnic tables. Parking in the small parking lot or street side parking.

Enjoy Kailua and Lanikai areas

Just to the north of Waimanalo is the area of Kailua and Lanikai. If you are looking for eating venues and shopping, then you can head out to Kailua for all the trendy fun shops, bars and hang out spots to enjoy on the east side.

Lanikai is a quiet neighborhood with a picture perfect beach that is very popular with locals and visitors to this side of the island.

Koko Crater head trail

A close drive from Waimanalo to Koko Crater head trail where you can challenge yourself to climb the over 1000 railroad steps to the top. At the bunkers and rim, you’ll get stunning views of the eastern coastlines and areas below.

Check out visiting Koko Head Crater trail here for more information and images.

Check out this gorgeous video tour of Waimanalo Beach Park below

Enjoyed it – pin and save it!

Visiting Waimanalo beach
Visiting Waimanalo beach

Conclusion on Visiting Waimanalo Beach

Conclusion on Visiting Waimanalo Beach

For Waimanalo beach fun, you’ll love explore all fun activities and attractions around this easy and walkable and beach areas of Waimanalo on the east side. Hope this gives you some great ideas of things to do and see around the town and outlying areas to visit.

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